Monilaria moniliformis, 2 years + 4 months

The Monilaria seedlings are alive and multiplying!

The first pic was taken on the day of the first watering after dormancy.
The second pic shows the first pairs of bunny ears popping up a week later after having broken through the old skin. This one seedling has 10 heads already (one is still hidden under the old skin).
Third pic is the perfect bunny mode, a week and a half after the first watering.

I celebrated their survival with a cute little plant drawing too.

Sinningia leucotricha bulb

Couldn’t for the life of me wake up the Sinningia leucotricha bulb I bought last year. It has been dormant since September last year and didn’t show any signs of waking up at all.
I think I found the problem.. there must have been something wrong with the soil in some way. I think it was too gritty. After I changed the soil and used more regular potting soil and less grit, it started to wake up. Phew.

New Hoya australis

I bought this Hoya australis (probably) from a private seller because it had gotten out of control and they didn’t have room for it in their house. It took me just under an hour to untangle the 2,5 meter vines and tuck them in around the well hidden trellis. This Hoya is going to do just fine in my living room, but man, she didn’t lie when she told me it was big.

Night and succulents

It has rained a couple of times this year, but last night I had the most amazing experience – and so did my neighbours. We all stood on our balconies and watched the clouds light up and the rain fall from the sky. And I’m not making this up, but a couple of people stood outside in the rain with their arms stretched out, spinning in place and laughing.
My mom even texted me, telling me that her neighbour stood completely motionless in her garden with an umbrella, just taking it all in. It was all such a surreal experience for everyone.

Hoya pubicalyx cv. Royal Hawaiian Purple

I bought this Hoya pubicalyx cv. Royal Hawaiian Purple as a cutting in December 2017, now 8 months ago. At first it didn’t grow very quickly, but once it settled in, I realized that my homemade trellis wasn’t going to cut it, so I set it free and let it live as a hanging plant.
This Hoya has the prettiest white speckled leaves and deep purple flowers. It’s probably going to take over my apartment before I see them, though.