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Repotting my String of Pearls

Some plants just grow way too fast. My String of Pearls started trailing along my window sill, so I made the decision to repot and hang it from the top of my window. Last time I repotted a String of Pearls, I learned to never change the soil or split the root ball. The strings are prone to breaking and the pearls will fall off if you just think of touching them. You’ll also end up with a mess of a plant because somehow the pearls stick to each other like glue. The easiest way to do this is to turn the plant upside down in your hand, remove the pot, pop on a larger pot and carefully turn it back into its original position. Fill the gaps with soil and you’re done!

String of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)

I took a picture of my String of Pearls to show you the little leaf “windows”. When seen like this with background light, you can clearly see the cute little slits that allow the inside of the leaf to receive sunlight. This plant has proven to be a fast grower, but also a bit finicky. String of Pearls loves water unlike most other succulents and I haven’t really gotten used to this. I’ve killed too many bead branches already because I keep forgetting about it.