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Update on my Stapelia variegata flower

Update on the Stapelia variegata flower. It matured overnight and now smells like an old trash bag. Very lovely. I put it outside on the balcony with my other overwintering succulents just after I took these pictures.


Quick edit: My glass panels on the balcony are all closed to prevent the succs from getting cold, but it also prevents fresh air from getting in. The heat and sun must have somehow reacted with the flower. Everything out there now smells like a 7 year old rotten room temperature meatloaf. Jesus Christ.

The Stapelia is flowering!

So today I buried my father and lost my grandfather. My very first carrion flower decided to open too. I’d like to think it took so long to develop because it knew exactly when to flower.

It’s exactly the kind of flower I wanted, though. Now I can officially call my previously unidentified plant a Stapelia variegata.

Edit: Thank you guys for the support. This is also kind of an explanation to why I have been taking breaks from this blog.