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The impossible Lithops

Sometimes Lithops split open and reveal two new leaf sets instead of just one. They basically develop a clone of themselves. Last time this Lithops split, it tried to double, but ended up with half of a twin with only 1 leaf. I didn’t think the odd one would be able to split again – I mean, where would the new leaves emerge from? Turns out that there’s a way for Lithops to look even more explicit than they normally do.

I finally had the chance to correct my stretched old lithops

I finally had the chance to correct the stretched old lithops I bought last summer. Most of my lithops (even the ones that have already split this winter) have started splitting again because of the typical Danish spring weather. They all think we’re heading towards winter.

This means I can’t water any of them, not even the smallest ones, until fall comes around in ~6 months..