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Sinningia leucotricha care guide

The new leaf sprouts on a Sinningia leucotricha bulb are always absolutely adorable. They’re so white and fluffy I want to give the plant a hug!
The bulb itself is now just around 10 cm in diameter and it’s growing fast now that I’ve started to water again.

Care guide
If anyone finds one, but haven’t bought it because they’re afraid of killing it, just know that this is the most hardy caudiciform I’ve ever owned. It stays outside (protected from frost) both in winter and in summer and it loves whatever I do to it. Forget to water? Don’t worry, the bulb is made of water and will pull from its reserves whenever it needs to. Afraid you’ll overwater? This thing LOVES water (in summer). I had to repot mine and add more regular potting soil because the soil was drying out too fast.

The only rules are:
Water it regularly in spring and summer, whenever the soil looks dry.
No water in winter. Keep it completely dry and protected from frost.
Give it as much sun as possible.

Sinningia leucotricha flowers

My Sinningia leuctroicha bulb decided to send out these colorful flowers today 🌸 It must really thrive out there in the summer heat.

This pot is watered once a week at the moment. Sometimes twice a week when it’s very warm outside and the leaves start drooping. Sinningia love water in summer, even though it’s a succulent (technically a caudiciform).

Sinningia leucotricha bulb

Couldn’t for the life of me wake up the Sinningia leucotricha bulb I bought last year. It has been dormant since September last year and didn’t show any signs of waking up at all.
I think I found the problem.. there must have been something wrong with the soil in some way. I think it was too gritty. After I changed the soil and used more regular potting soil and less grit, it started to wake up. Phew.