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Sinningia leucotricha flowers

My Sinningia leuctroicha bulb decided to send out these colorful flowers today 🌸 It must really thrive out there in the summer heat.

This pot is watered once a week at the moment. Sometimes twice a week when it’s very warm outside and the leaves start drooping. Sinningia love water in summer, even though it’s a succulent (technically a caudiciform).

Sinningia leucotricha bulb

Couldn’t for the life of me wake up the Sinningia leucotricha bulb I bought last year. It has been dormant since September last year and didn’t show any signs of waking up at all.
I think I found the problem.. there must have been something wrong with the soil in some way. I think it was too gritty. After I changed the soil and used more regular potting soil and less grit, it started to wake up. Phew.