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Croton seedlings, 7 months old

My little Croton seedlings are now 7 months old and still pretty small. They’ve started to grow bigger leaves now that the weather is getting even warmer and the sun is shining more often. I don’t really know what to do with these yet, but it’s a fun little project to try and grow a common houseplant from seeds instead of just buying an adult plant.

I had to chuck out the mother plant because it kept attracting spider mites and started losing leaves. After trying to save it several times with different bug sprays, home made and store bought, I gave up. Luckily, its babies are looking pretty healthy.

Adenium obesum, 6 weeks old

My Adenium seedlings have so many leaves now! They started to grow really fast when I put them in my window with strong sunlight. They seem to be able to handle the sun and heat, even though they’re still pretty young.
I’m currently keeping the “soil“ lightly moist at all times. I’ve fertilized once already, using a weak slow release fertilizer for young plants.

Pseudolithos migiurtinus and cubiformis, barely 2 months old

Look how adorable they are now! A couple more Pseudolithos migiurtinus seedlings have germinated since I last took a picture of them. Now I’m up to 2 P. cubiformis and 4 P. migiurtinus seedlings. Unfortunately, the sickly migiurtinus died.
I took a chance and repotted the two biggest plants. If anything goes wrong with the community pot, these two babies will be safe and away from mold/damping off etc. A 5 cm pot will be the perfect home for at least 4-5 years.
Right now, they’re all still living in my mini greenhouse under grow lights. They seem to be doing okay for now, but I will probably have to move them to my south facing window eventually.

Adenium obesum, 5 weeks old

Not all of my Adenium obesum seedlings look as great as this one seedling, but overall I’m happy with my little batch. 6 of 10 seeds have germinated, 2 seeds rotted away and the two remaining seeds just haven’t done anything at all. But 6 is more than enough for me to work with.
Most of them have grown two sets of leaves so far, and one is even growing its third set already.

Date palms, 1 year + 4 months

This is what my date palm seedling looks like 1 year and 4 months after germination. This is the biggest of my seedlings. Right now it has 3 big leaves and a 4th is one the way.
The sun is finally showing its face, so I placed the date palms outside on the balcony to soak up the rays and heat. Hopefully they should start growing faster. And maybe, just maybe I’ll see the new leaf split.

Pseudolithos cubiformis, 4 years old

This Pseudolithos cubiformis hasn’t grown at all since.. I think.. 2018. I just wanted to take another photo of it to show that it’s still very much alive. I considered shoving it under the grow lights with my small seedlings, but it might be too much of a risk to change its environment now. I mean.. this incredibly sensitive plant has survived 3 years in this South facing window, probably because it likes it. Why it stopped growing will probably have to stay a mystery.

Faucaria tigrina, 4 years + 1 month

The Tiger Jaws survived another winter with no casualties. These babies have been in the same pot with the exact same soil for almost exactly 4 years now and they’re thriving. I think maybe I forgot to fertilize them the last couple of years, but they clearly like the way I’m treating them, so I’ll just continue forgetting about them.
I still water them with my other succulents when the soil has been dry for a week or two and they’ve started to wrinkle up.