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Robinia tree, 5 months old

This cute little Robinia tree is now 5 months old and it looks fantastic. It’s growing incredibly fast and already looks like a small version of an adult tree. We’ve had a couple of very windy days, so I moved the tree farther away from the edge of the balcony. It looked like it was about to snap as the wind took a hold on the leaves.

It’s very much okay now! It gets full sunshine all day and enjoys a good sprinkle of rain once in a while.

Flowers and a Robinia tree from my dad’s urn

My dad died last year in December and was buried in a Beyond Life urn. This urn came with seeds from wild blue flowers and some trees. I decided to grow them here at home on the balcony because my family no longer lives in the town I was raised in and I don’t want the plants to be harmed in any way while I’m not there. Also, I wouldn’t get to see them flower because I don’t go there very often.

I can’t say I recognize the flowers, but they turned out very pretty. All of them have a very sweet scent too. I took these pics a few weeks ago and I think now they’re growing seed pods. Maybe next year I’ll find a more suitable spot for them to grow.

The tree is some sort of Robinia, an easily germinated, fast growing and hardy variety. It loves the direct light on my balcony, even though it gets windy out there too. I had to repot this one because I germinated it in a terra-cotta pot and I knew I would regret this decision when it gets too big. Now it’s sulking and drooping a bit in its new plastic pot. It will hopefully recover soon. These are plants I would not want to lose.