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My Hoya retusa is blooming!

Hoya retusa is pretty special in many ways. It doesn’t look like your regular Hoya. I think most people would just keep walking if they saw this guy in a flower shop, wondering why they sell expensive grass – and more often than not, unlabeled, like this one was when I found it. It’s also special when it blooms. Unlike most other Hoyas, Hoya retusa doesn’t grow peduncles. Singular flower buds grow directly on the main stem and fall off when they’re done. The flowers have a very faint scent of lemony cough drops.

I’ve been watching my retusa explode with growth, lately. I have to constantly control the vines to keep them from trailing the ceiling or grabbing my other plants.

My Hoya retusa is doing great!

I didn’t actually think the Hoya retusa I bought was going to survive. When I bought it, the leaves were shriveling up and the vines looked like they were going to dry out. I repotted it, changed the soil and gave it light from my south facing window and it sprung to life! Now the vines are attaching themselves to everything they can grab, including the sting I used to hang it up.

I keep forgetting to water this Hoya, so the soil is bone dry for maybe a week or two before I water again. I guess this one can handle that. It’s thriving on neglect.

Hoya retusa

I found this rough looking Hoya retusa at my local florist. I’ve never seen a Hoya like this before. It’s not the prettiest, especially not right now with all of the dehydrated and wilted leaves, but it’s a rare find, so I brought it home with me. This is also the most expensive Hoya I’ve ever bought out of my now 28 different varieties.
Hoya retusa is a very unique variety with its flat, pine-like leaves. The end of every leaf is shaped like a heart. This one has white flowers with a dark purple center. Hopefully I’ll get to see them this spring or summer.