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Pseudolithos migiurtinus germination

The Pseudolithos migiurtinus seeds have started to germinate! I didn’t think these would have a chance because the seeds I received looked terrible compared to the ones I bought of P. cubiformis. Apparently that’s how they’re supposed to look. Hopefully the rest will germinate soon.

I’m going to keep them in my mini greenhouse for as long as the germination process takes. Pseudolithos like humidity and there’s no sign of mold just yet.

For anyone interested in growing Pseudolithos from seeds with me, here’s the guide I wrote a while back. It describes which growing medium I use, how much light they need and how often I water. It even includes a guide on how to care for an adult Pseudolithos.
The only thing I’m doing differently this time is that I use a grow light instead of a sunny window. The sun just doesn’t shine in Denmark this time of year.

New year, new seeds

Guys, look what I’ve got. I still have my grow lights from a couple of years ago and decided to buy 4 packets of seeds from Koehres Kaktus. This time I bought Adenium obesum double flower hybrid, Stephania yunnanensis, Pseudolithos cubiformis and Pseudolithos migiurtinus seeds. All of them (except 3 of the Adenium and half of the Stephania seeds) were sown today. Hopefully they all germinate. Pseudolithos seeds are expensive!
I better mention that my adult Pseudolithos cubiformis is perfectly fine. I just want even more of this odd frog-like cube plant.

Pseudolithos cubiformis, 3 years + 4 months

I think I worked out why it looked like my Pseudolithos cubiformis has done nothing for several months. I thought it was dormant, but when I looked closely at the corners, I noticed three little nubs, one on three of the four corners. It’s really hard to tell, so I added a closeup.

Pseudolithos cubiformis usually develop flower buds on the corners near the base of the plant. If the nubs are what I think they are.. let’s just say it’s going to be the highlight of my year and the best thing that’s happened on this blog so far, at least in my opinion. My seed grown Pseudolithos is my number one favorite plant of all time.

Pseudolithos cubiformis, 3 years

My beautiful Pseudolithos cubiformis is now 3 years old! This is the only surviving plant out of the 5 seeds I planted 3 years ago. It’s the most challenging plant I’ve ever grown too. Water too much and it rots. Water too little and it rots as well. Too cold? Rot. Treat it just right, with the perfect amount of water in a controlled environment with perfect lighting, humidity and air flow? Rot.

This one survived in my care for so long and I have no idea why. I’m going to be absolutely devastated when it eventually melts.

Pseudolithos cubiformis, 2 years + 9 months

A very square Pseudolithos enjoying the sun.

I check on him every day, worrying about every single change in appearance. Growing these is such a nerve-wracking experience. I’ll make sure to post a pic of the plant when/if it does die in my care. This has been such a success so far and I won’t let it be forgotten like my other unsuccessful experiments.

This Pseudolithos is now exactly 5 cm wide, measured from one corner to the opposite. I water approx. once every 2 weeks, but hold back on the fertilizer. The little bumps on top of the plant are turning light green and grow much faster than the rest of the plant. It is cloudy 6-7 days a week, so some of my plants, including the Pseudolithos, are a tiny bit etiolated.