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New to the team: Satin pothos

I’ve been looking for more fast growing hanging plants since I set up a trellis for my Philodendron brasil and moved it to a different spot. It didn’t take long to find its replacement. My local garden center has a pallet full of Satin Pothos mini plants, so obviously I bought 3 and planted them together. I can’t place them on top of my cabinet just yet, because they wouldn’t get enough sunlight. Right now they work well as a decoration for my living room table until the vines grow long enough.

Pothos “marble queen”

I’ve been looking for the ultimate low light hanging plant to hang in the back of my living room where no succulent or regular houseplant can thrive. I once owned a Pothos “marble queen” and it thrived in the low light in my previous apartment.. until I overwatered it because I didn’t know anything about plants back then.

Of course after I started looking for one again, none of my local nurseries had them in stock. Until today! This one is the heavily variegated version of the regular green Pothos. If left in very low light it will revert back to having green leaves. Hopefully the amount of light in this corner will be just enough to prevent that.

I made my own hanging planter because I still can’t find those small plastic hanging baskets in nurseries without a plant already in it. The Christmas ribbon fits the white pot very well, so I might keep it that way.

My mother’s new Fuchsia and Pothos

Some leftover photos from my mother’s latest shopping trip. I love the Fuchsia’s bright colors! She bought two Pothos as well. She killed pretty much all of the plants she’s owned so far, even the succulents and all of the Pilea cuttings I gave her. Pothos are supposedly unkillable, so I’m looking forward to (hopefully) seeing them again in the future. Maybe they’ll even be trailing the window sills by then.