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The North Sea

Today has been a very stormy day and it caused a flashback from my childhood. I used to live in the countryside very near the North Sea coast dam in Denmark where the wind was howling 24/7. Today I live in a bigger city, but I do dream of going back one day when I have retired from work.

Here’s a time lapse of this drawing.

Seasons (drawing)

This didn’t take that long to draw (only sat through Mary Poppins and Assassin’s Creed while drawing it). I used a photo I took of fallen leaves, blurred the photo, traced the leaves, divided them into sections and edited the hue and saturation a tiny bit. No need to make anything more complicated than it needs to be.

A little art project

I’m absolutely crazy about this watercolor-like art style. I minimized the amount of plants in this one, though. Right now I’m working on adding backgrounds to my art to make it a little more exciting to look at. I’ll probably end up redoing my plant drawings soon.

Here’s a time lapse of this drawing. This one was pretty easy to draw.