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Nepenthes Ventrata

It’s finally warm and humid enough to hang out the cold sensitive carnivorous plants. My Nepenthes Ventrata just started to develop pitchers a couple of months ago after a full pitcher-less year, and they’re already way bigger than they have been the two years I’ve had him.

The wasps now have a nice surprise waiting for them on my balcony.

N. reinwardtiana

Not a succulent, but I wanted to share my little side project anyway (posted this on Reddit as well). I’ve always been totally fascinated by Nepenthes plants, but I never tried growing them from seed because of how difficult it is to germinate the seeds and keep the seedlings alive at this stage.

Nepenthes (in this case N. reinwardtiana) is a carnivorous pitcher plant. They lure their prey with sweet smelling nectar and feast on flies that fall into the slippery cups, located on the leaf tips.

This is one of my seedlings at 4 days (pic 1) and 2 months (pic 2). The little pitchers are no more than 3 mm tall, but some of the tiny seedlings have already feasted on springtails and/or gnat larvae on my grow rack!