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Philodendron Brasil, now on a trellis

This gorgeous Philodendron Brasil almost reached the floor from the top of my 180 cm cabinet and the leaves were getting smaller in size. I’ve heard that they get bigger when wrapped around a tall trellis. This coconut pole is only 50 cm tall, but the plant looks like it was made for it. I’m really glad I found this plant last year. It’s a fast growing, hardy, inexpensive plant with gorgeous, multicolored leaves. There really is nothing bad to say about it!

Philodendron Brasil

This is my new(ish) Philodendron Brasil. I found this one in my local grocery store while looking for a Pothos to hang in my north facing kitchen window. It’s not quite a Pothos, but it pretty much acts like one. It’s fast growing, even in low light, and looks so cool with its yellow stripe and heart shaped leaves. In the month I’ve had it, it has nearly doubled in size.