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Peperomia “hope”

This turned out to be one of my fastest growing succulents. It has already outgrown the pedestal I use for smaller plants and my seedlings, but it will probably work well as a hanging plant soon.

I love the little fat and round leaves so much. Most of the plants I saw in the nursery were etiolated and had much larger leaves, but this one managed to stay compact in my window.

Peperomia prostrata flowers

My Peperomia prostrata seems to be flowering. I didn’t even notice at first because the flowers blend in with the vines. It must have loved the transition from staying in the garden center in my local hardware store to my south facing window. It was bone dry when I bought it, so I’ve been generous with watering and fertilizing. And it payed off! Even though the flowers are insignificant, they’re still a great sign that the plant is doing okay.

Gorgeous plants in my indoor jungle

My Peperomia Prostrata and variegated lipstick plant are doing great in my new jungle. I had to raise the lipstick plant to avoid giving it direct sunlight because it started sulking very quickly after I brought it home. Some of the lower hanging leaves started burning ever so slightly too. But it’s growing very quickly and sending out new basal shoots just above the soil line.

Another round of plant hunting

It’s tough to live next to a huge nursery without having a weekly “look” at their awesome plants. This time I brought two hanging plants home with me to fill up my indoor window shelves. I found this Crassula rupestris subsp. marnieriana (Jade Necklace) in perfect condition. I’ve seen this plant many times in different grocery stores and garden centers, but they were all seriously etiolated. This one is nice and compact.

The second one is a tiny Peperomia Prostrata (String of Turtles). The small, round leaves look like turtle shells. It was sold in a 5 cm pot, so I’ll probably have to upgrade it when it starts to look sad.

Peperomia hope update

I didn’t think this adorable little plant would grow this fast. It is branching and growing new leaves all over the place, very much unlike my other succulents.

I’ve read a tiny bit about this plant since I got it, too. Peperomia hope like to be watered once a week and to stay out of harsh, direct sunlight. Mine stays partly in the shade on my new plant shelves, and even that amount of sunlight has provoked red stress coloration on the stem and a faint red coloration on the newest leaves.