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Repotted my Astrophytum Ornatum

Just spent some quality time with my new A. Ornatum while repotting him in a more fitting non-organic medium. The solid block of peat moss around the roots would have made it impossible to properly water him.
It took half an hour (and 3 spines up my nails) to remove the soil, but the finished result was definitely worth it.

Current medium: 70% moler clay and 30% 3-4 mm. aquarium gravel.

I found this giant Astrophytum Ornatum

I found this giant Astrophytum Ornatum (A. Myriostigma for scale) in a flower shop a week ago, and couldn’t stop thinking about it after I went home empty handed (if you don’t count the 3 mini cacti I bought).
I’ve dreamt about it at night a couple of times. I actually went there yesterday to see if it was still there, but the shop was closed.
Now it’s finally sitting on my window sill!
It even looks like it’s going to flower very soon.