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Hoya obovata variegata update

This is my slowest growing Hoya, the Hoya obovata variegata. It recently started to grow new leaves after a long break, so I’m hoping for a growth spurt. It’s more than welcome to do what my Hoya kerrii is doing right now. I got this one in 2018 and it’s only double the size of what it was when I bought it.
The leave are getting prettier than they were before, too. At first they were curly and oblong, maybe because it was getting too much or too little sun, but now they’re perfectly round and flat with just a little bit of variegation in the middle.

The forgotten Hoyas

I haven’t really showed you any updates on this bunch of Hoyas in a while. I bought these as unrooted cuttings or small cuttings with just a few roots last summer and they’re all doing very well. The Hoya kerrii and Hoya obovata variegata are growing sooo slowly while the H. polyneura and H. EPC-301 have started to look like nicely established plants. The Hoya verticillata is all over the place.