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Adenium obesum, 7 months old

My Adenium obesum seedlings are already 7 months old. I’m using my hand as a size reference. The seedlings are getting kind of big.

I’ve been leaving them alone, letting them grow as they please until next spring. If I keep pruning them in fall, there’s a chance that they won’t grow new leaves and branches immediately, because their growth slows down when the weather and room temperature gets colder.

Adenium obesum, 5 months + 20 days old

I had to cut some of the Adenium seedlings again to make them grow more than the one branch. This seedling had to be pinched twice before it finally happened.

The trunk is nice and thick now, but they’re not growing as fast as I wanted them to do. They’re cute, though. Maybe the last few days of heavy sunshine and extremely warm weather will make them grow a bit faster.

Adenium obesum, 5 months old (and update on the A. arabicum)

My Adenium obesum seedlings are now 5 months old and look like little trees! They’re doing awesome right now, rocking their new branches like pros. Look how fat they’ve gotten too.
I included a picture of my adult Adenium arabicum, which is doing great as well. I had to loosen its korok mask a couple of times since I put it on him, which is a good sign that it’s growing, even though it’s hard to see when you just look at it.

Adenium obesum, 4 months old

This is a different seedling than the one I showed you last time. I pruned the top and two branches popped out. It seems to be progressing faster than the other seedlings and it’s fatter than most of them, too.
I have to change the soil fairly often because the fertilizer I’ve been giving them, makes algae thrive like crazy. I may need to try a different one.

Adenium obesum, 3,5 months old

It’s been a couple of weeks since I cut the tap roots on my Adenium obesum seedlings. Most of them are doing okay, especially this one seedling. This one had a lot of feeder roots after the cut, so it was able to drink almost like it used to. The other seedlings still need a bit of rest before I do anything too drastic to them.
As you can see, I also pruned the branches on some of the seedlings, including this one. I’m trying to make them grow more branches as well as help the caudex grow thicker. It seems like it’s working, too. This seedling almost immediately grew two branches after I cut the one it started with. When these two branches grow tall enough, I’ll pinch them and watch the plant grow even more branches. This one is going to be magnificent!

Adenium obesum repotting and root trimming

My tiny 3 months old Adenium obesum seedlings needed new pots because I wanted to make sure they didn’t have too much room for root growth. If you leave these in a tall pot, chances are that the plant will put too much energy into vertical root growth and it will end up tall and lanky. I’m experimenting a bit, too. Some people cut off the tap root and train the remaining roots to grow near the surface of the soil. There so many cool pictures of bonsai-like Adenium with roots growing in all directions around the base of the plant and I want one of those! So I removed the tap roots from some of my seedlings, making sure to leave a few feeder roots behind. My plants are still very small and wouldn’t last long without water.

Adenium obesum, 5 weeks old

Not all of my Adenium obesum seedlings look as great as this one seedling, but overall I’m happy with my little batch. 6 of 10 seeds have germinated, 2 seeds rotted away and the two remaining seeds just haven’t done anything at all. But 6 is more than enough for me to work with.
Most of them have grown two sets of leaves so far, and one is even growing its third set already.