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A year’s growth on my Monstera deliciosa

This is how much my Monstera deliciosa has grown in a year. It started off as a small, rooted cutting, I bought for DKK 20 ($3) in my local garden center in June 2019 and it is now too big for my window sills. I knew these grew fast, but it turned into the biggest plant I’ve ever owned in just a year and I’m now struggling to find the room for it.
It’s kind of satisfying to see a plant grow this fast when most of my plants are extremely slow growing succulents, though.

I had to cut the insanely long aerial roots because they just kept growing all over the place, preventing me from turning the pot. Some of them were as long as the plant itself.

Plant haul

I was just looking for a small, hanging Monstera adansonii, but ended up with three gorgeous plants. From left to right: a hybrid Caladium bicolor, Monstera adansonii ‘Monkey Mask’ and a Hoya ‘Lisa’.
At least I found what I was looking for, right?
I’ve never grown Caladium before, so this will be a bit of a challenge. Caladium bulbs send out these colorful leaves every spring and summer and die off in fall. Then you never know if you killed it or if the bulb just went dormant. When repotting this plant, I found multiple bulbs in the soil. I’ve seen one bulb sold for DKK 300 ($40) in several stores and online. I bought 4 bulbs for DKK 70 ($9), so this rainy day just got a lot more colorful!

Monstera deliciosa leaf unfurling

I’m starting to see the big deal about watching Monstera leaves unfurl. You basically don’t know how the leaf is going to look until it has opened. If the plant isn’t getting enough light, even mature leaves won’t develop those beautiful holes and splits. I was worried about this one because I placed it 3 meters away from the nearest window, but it looks like it’s getting more than enough light. I’ve never owned a Monstera until I bought this one 3 weeks ago, so I’m still learning how to take care of it and keep it happy.

The first 3 pics were taken over a span of 3 days as the leaf slowly unfurled. It’s sooo shiny! I had to buy a plant-stick thingy to keep it from toppling over from the weight of the newest leaves. It’s growing very quickly and I need to train it to grow upwards before it gets too big.

Retro plant haul!

I hit jackpot! My local Billigblomst had 50% off all plants and pots, so obviously I stood outside their doors the minute they opened. Good thing I was there early because people started pouring in, clogging the parking lot and road by the time I left the place. I didn’t really have anything in mind.. I mean.. I was there just yesterday and bought what I really needed.

I did bring these two home with me. They were already fairly cheap, but today I paid a whopping 20 DKK ($3) for this Monstera deliciosa and the same for a Ficus elastica variegata (variegated rubber plant). The plant stand cost 20 DKK as well.

They’re a lot different from the succulents I usually grow because well.. they’re not succulents. But they should be able to handle drying up for a few days if I’m away. I’ve been told at least the rubber plant is hard to kill. And they can grow in indirect light, which means they don’t have to take up space in my living room window. I’m officially building my own jungle!