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Monilaria moniliformis, 4 years + 7 months old

A lot of my Monilaria died off this summer. I’m not sure exactly what happened. All I have left is this one. It recently woke up from summer dormancy and is sprouting this year’s first bunny ears, so I’ve started to water it again. I’m going to experiment with the fertilizer I use for my Hoyas to see if I can get it to bloom. This year may be my last chance.

Monilaria Moniliformis, 1 year + 4 months

Look look look who decided to wake up from dormancy. I’m beyond excited!
The awful and rainy summer, humid air and cold nights woke up a couple of my Monilaria seedlings. After a good watering yesterday (first water since early spring), even more decided to wake up. They did wake up a bit too early, but honestly, I’m just glad they aren’t dead.

Gonna post another pic when the first set of bunny ears pop out :3