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An update on my mini dish garden

My Monadenium cuttings started producing offshoots beneath the ground, ruining the appearance of my little garden (very quickly realized that the roots had travelled to the opposite side of the planter as well), so I had to replace them with a different type of plant.
The Stapelia seemed like an obvious choice – at least until they outgrow the little landscape. They probably should have been transferred to a bigger planter months ago anyway.

In this planter: Euphorbia Obesa (1 year + 5 months old), Stapelia Grandiflora (9 months old), Lophophora Williamsii (1 year + 7 months old) and a Frithia Pulchra


Euphorbia obesa, Astrophytum asterias (left), 9 months.
Lophophora williamsii (right), 11 months.

My window sill was getting pretty crowded with little pots in different shapes and sizes, so I decided to save a little space by making a succulent desert landscape in an old bonsai pot. All of the seedlings and bigger plants in the pot have fairly similar needs, so everything should be fine for the next couple of years.