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Hoya kerrii update

It hasn’t been that long since I took a picture of my Hoya kerrii. I last wrote about it in May. I just wanted to show you what suddenly happened 3 weeks ago. The vines actually started growing – and they’re growing fast! I’m making a makeshift trellis out of flower sticks because the vines don’t bend without breaking. This must mean that I finally found the one spot in my apartment that is bright enough, have enough humidity and is warm enough for this fussy plant. Unfortunately this spot is in my “nursery room” for sick plants, which is a room, I rarely spend time in. It’s too dark for my camera, too, so I had to move it into my living room for this shot.

The forgotten Hoyas

I haven’t really showed you any updates on this bunch of Hoyas in a while. I bought these as unrooted cuttings or small cuttings with just a few roots last summer and they’re all doing very well. The Hoya kerrii and Hoya obovata variegata are growing sooo slowly while the H. polyneura and H. EPC-301 have started to look like nicely established plants. The Hoya verticillata is all over the place.