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Pilea update

There’s always a bit of history with Pileas and the metric ton of pups, they produce. If you own one of these, you’re almost obligated to share a cutting or 30 with friends, family and neighbors.

I got this plant as a smallish cutting 3 years ago from my mom. Since then it has produced around 60 little pups. I wonder how many grandchildren and great grandchildren it has now.

New Hoya australis

I bought this Hoya australis (probably) from a private seller because it had gotten out of control and they didn’t have room for it in their house. It took me just under an hour to untangle the 2,5 meter vines and tuck them in around the well hidden trellis. This Hoya is going to do just fine in my living room, but man, she didn’t lie when she told me it was big.

Update on my favourite seedling tray

Update on my favourite seedling tray:

From back to front: Astrophytum Myriostigma, Pseudolithos Cubiformis, Pleiospilos Nelii, Fenestraria Aurantiaca, Gibbaeum Comptonii, Argyroderma Aureum, Mammillaria Plumosa and 3 small Uebelmannia Pectinifera.

The Argyroderma seedlings in the bottom right pic are finally splitting, 5.5 months after germination. They’re so fat and adorable!