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Hoya carnosa “krinkle 8”

This wonderful wrinkly Hoya carnosa “krinkle 8” is new to my collection. I didn’t actually think I would find one of these ever, even though they’re fairly common. This Hoya has 8 dimples along the middle of the leaves, which is how it got its odd sounding name.
I got this plant a couple of weeks ago, but wasn’t sure exactly what type it was, so I had to wait for a new leaf to pop out before I could properly identify it. Some of the older leaves look more like the ones on a regular Hoya carnosa, but the new leaf does have the cute little dimples of a “krinkle 8”!

Hoya retusa

I found this rough looking Hoya retusa at my local florist. I’ve never seen a Hoya like this before. It’s not the prettiest, especially not right now with all of the dehydrated and wilted leaves, but it’s a rare find, so I brought it home with me. This is also the most expensive Hoya I’ve ever bought out of my now 28 different varieties.
Hoya retusa is a very unique variety with its flat, pine-like leaves. The end of every leaf is shaped like a heart. This one has white flowers with a dark purple center. Hopefully I’ll get to see them this spring or summer.

A very long Hoya carnosa compacta variegata

This H. compacta variegata just keeps growing at lightning speed. Normally variegated plants grow much slower than regular green plants because the leaves have less chlorophyll in them, but just look how much this guy has grown since June 2019. If they didn’t curl upwards, the vines would reach the sill from the highest platform on the shelf.
I measured both of the vines to be exactly 50 cm. When I bought it last year they were barely 20 cm long.

My new Hoya Pubicalyx “silver splash”

I was lucky to find another Hoya in Billigblomst this afternoon. They had a mix of regular H. pubicalyx, the “royal hawaiian purple” variety and also one I didn’t already own. This is a Hoya pubicalyx “silver splash”. Some of the leaves are almost completely white!
Even though I selected the nicest looking plant, it’s in pretty rough shape. A couple of leaves were cut in half and it’s almost bare on one side because I removed a few rotten leaves, but it will recover soon enough. These things grow very quickly.

My Hoya in winter

Most of my Hoya have completely stopped growing now that winter is here. They do get a lot of filtered sun through the window, but the sun is a bit too weak and the days are shorter. I guess my plants can tell the difference even though they get more sunlight in winter than in summer.
I just had to take a few pics of my Hoya polyneura and Hoya lauterbachii with the perfect lighting. You can really see the details that make them special. H. polyneura with its very visible veins and H. lauterbachii completely covered in little hairs.

Hoya pubicalyx “royal hawaiian purple”

Just another update on the Hoya pubicalyx “royal hawaiian purple”. The first pic is my Hoya as a cutting, bought in December 2017 and the second pic is from today, barely two years later. It’s huge, but it still hasn’t flowered for me.. it does have a lot of dormant peduncles, so maybe I just need to let it dry out for a longer period of time.
I really love this plant, even though the green foliage isn’t that exciting to look at. If I could just make it flower, I could show you why this plant is called “royal hawaiian purple”.

Update on the propagation station

This is my new setup in the propagation room. The shelf thingy I bought for my living room window fit perfectly on the sills in my office/hobby room. It allows for a bit of height and even more plants. The Hoya, especially, love this room because the humidity and temperature is pretty stable – mostly because I rarely enter the room or air out.

This is a bit of an update on my newest Hoya cuttings. The cuttings I received in early August (Hoya polyneura, H. obscura and H. danumensis) are doing just fine. They all rooted without problems and are now growing fresh new leaves. My fussy Hoya polyneura almost doubled in size! The Hoya obovata variegata was moved in here as well, after I took cuttings from its stem in July. The cuttings only just started to grow new leaves, which excites me more than I want to admit!