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My Hoya bella is blooming!

This is one reason why I love Hoya so much. The flower buds look like little edible marshmallow stars and the opened flowers are absolutely adorable! This is the Hoya bella, I bought in April. It bloomed when I bought it, but most of them fell off immediately after I brought it home because it was stressed from the change in humidity and lighting. But as long as you don’t pick off the little flower “branches” when it’s done blooming, it’s going to bloom from those same branches every year if given enough light, water and humidity.

This is only the first of many flowers. I count more than 20 flower branches and most of them are developing flower buds. I’m going to take a few more pictures when it’s crowded with flowers. It’s going to be amazing!

Macro shots (Sedum and Hoya)

A couple of macro shots, taken with my old iPhone 6 and a clip-on macro lens.

The first one is my Sedum rubrotinctum and a small and very colorful pup.

The second pic is a new flower bud on the Hoya bella I bought a few weeks ago. It just keeps developing new flowers! I never knew the buds were this hairy before I decided to have a closer look with my macro lens.

Round two at the new plant nursery

After a bit of a tough week I went to my new favorite nursery again. Last week they had hundreds of succulents. Today they had thousands. I snapped a few pics of (only some of) the tables with baby cacti, one with small succulents and a pic with giant fully grown cacti. They all looked so healthy!

I wasn’t about to fill every corner of my apartment with cacti, now that I decided to get rid of some of mine. Even though I love succulents, I really started to feel like they took over my apartment. But the people that know me, know that I can’t just watch them and leave without buying a plant or two.

Unfortunately I spotted a pallet with Hoya bella, one of the Hoya I didn’t already own. And they were all flowering! You can see why it’s also called a wax plant. The flowers look like they’re made of wax or bubblegum. And they smell really sweet.

Last time I was there I spotted a Peperomia hope with perfectly round window leaves. I’ve been thinking about buying this plant since last week. So it went with me home as well ❤️