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The giant Hoya australis is flowering!

My giant Hoya australis is finally flowering a year after I bought it! This is its first ever flower. This enormous plant only has 2 peduncles attached to its vines and it grew both of them within the last couple of months. I guess this means it’s happy!

So Hoya australis smell like you would expect. Very sweet and flowery, but not very strong. They’re so pretty, too.

How I water my large Hoya

This is how I water my giant Hoya pubicalyx cv. “Royal Hawaiian purple” and Hoya australis. The bottom leaves are getting in the way of my watering can, so I carry them into my bathroom and give them a cold shower, hitting as many leaves as I can in the process. Even though Hoya are succulents, they love water and high humidity. By watering the leaves as well as the soil, I prevent spider mites and aphids from infesting the plant. And as a bonus, I remove any soil, fertilizer stains and dust from the leaves as well.

After a good shower, the vines immediately start to grow much faster than they did before. At the moment I do this once a month.

New Hoya australis

I bought this Hoya australis (probably) from a private seller because it had gotten out of control and they didn’t have room for it in their house. It took me just under an hour to untangle the 2,5 meter vines and tuck them in around the well hidden trellis. This Hoya is going to do just fine in my living room, but man, she didn’t lie when she told me it was big.