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Croton seedlings, 7 months old

My little Croton seedlings are now 7 months old and still pretty small. They’ve started to grow bigger leaves now that the weather is getting even warmer and the sun is shining more often. I don’t really know what to do with these yet, but it’s a fun little project to try and grow a common houseplant from seeds instead of just buying an adult plant.

I had to chuck out the mother plant because it kept attracting spider mites and started losing leaves. After trying to save it several times with different bug sprays, home made and store bought, I gave up. Luckily, its babies are looking pretty healthy.

Retro plant haul!

I hit jackpot! My local Billigblomst had 50% off all plants and pots, so obviously I stood outside their doors the minute they opened. Good thing I was there early because people started pouring in, clogging the parking lot and road by the time I left the place. I didn’t really have anything in mind.. I mean.. I was there just yesterday and bought what I really needed.

I did bring these two home with me. They were already fairly cheap, but today I paid a whopping 20 DKK ($3) for this Monstera deliciosa and the same for a Ficus elastica variegata (variegated rubber plant). The plant stand cost 20 DKK as well.

They’re a lot different from the succulents I usually grow because well.. they’re not succulents. But they should be able to handle drying up for a few days if I’m away. I’ve been told at least the rubber plant is hard to kill. And they can grow in indirect light, which means they don’t have to take up space in my living room window. I’m officially building my own jungle!

My Croton adds a splash of color to my living room

My Croton adds a splash of color to my living room and as a bonus, it’s now flowering! The scent of the flowers is much stronger than I thought it would be. Everything in my apartment now smells like soapy chamomile.

How I made it flower:
Stress, apparently. Two months ago I moved it from a cool north-facing window to a brighter position near my south-facing window and gave it a round of fertilizer for indoor houseplants. It must have thought it was springtime in November.