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Starting up the balcony garden

The weather is warming up and I’ve pulled up the old mint, I grew from seeds a couple of years ago to start almost from scratch. It bascally outgrew everything and nearly killed my lemon balm.

This year I will limit the amount of plants I keep in my large pots. I’ve decided to let my old lemon balm grow in one pot, completely undisturbed. Hopefully it will spread out and fill the whole pot in no time. To help it along, I planted the rest of my seeds in the bare soil next to the adult plant. I used the leaves to make ice tea last summer and it was so delicious!

I’ve kept my seed grown thyme and parsley from a couple of years ago too. They don’t grow too aggressively and will be able to stay in their shared pot this year, like they have done for the past couple of years.

The perfect way to grow your herbs and spices

The perfect way to grow your herbs and spices if you don’t have a garden. This corner of my balcony is packed with mint, oregano, lemon balm, strawberries, parsley, thyme, an Aloe and some Drosera to combat gnats and other flying pests.
I grew all of them except the Aloe and strawberries from seeds last spring and they are absolutely thriving out there!
Last night I harvested most of the mint to stop them from overgrowing everything. It’s great in pesto with a bit of parsley, however odd that sounds.