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Variegated lipstick plant flowers! 🌺

My variegated Lipstick Plant (Aeschynanthus lobbianus variegated) is flowering! The red petals in the middle really do remind me of a thing of lipstick that’s slowly being squeezed out of its tube. It took a while before the red part showed up. I took these pictures over a span of a month or so.

The plant itself has lost most of its variegation because it’s not getting any direct sunlight. But since it’s flowering it must be doing okay.

Thanksgiving cactus in bloom

I bought this thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) because I’ve missed the gorgeous blooms they get every winter. I’ve owned several of these in the past. This time I bought one with red and one with white flowers and they’re surprisingly different. The white ones don’t open fully, but look like little roses, while the red ones are just like I remember them – very flamboyant.

Crassula marnieriana flowers

My Crassula marnieriana just stared to flower! These flowers are apparently very long lasting, but they take a while to open, too. The first tiny flower opened two weeks ago and even now, only half of them have opened.

I found this hungry fly eating flower nectar. It was too busy to notice me taking a picture of it. I didn’t know flies pollinated these kinds of flowers, but it’s more than welcome on my balcony.

Edit: On closer inspection, apparently C. marnieriana flowers smell like fart. Maybe that’s what attracted the fly.

This year’s last Astrophytum ornatum flower

This year’s last cactus flowers have just started to open after a couple of weeks with rain and awful weather. I managed to capture a nice pic of my Astrophytum ornatum in bloom, moments before the rain started pouring down once again. I guess even cactus and succulents enjoy a nice cold shower once in a while!

This is by far the biggest flower I’ve seen on this cactus. I’ve been feeding all of my plants extra much this summer, which is probably why most of my plants have started to explode with growth.