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Hildewintera colademononis flowers!

I’ve been waiting for my Hildewintera colademononis to bloom since 2017 when I bought them as small unrooted cuttings. When I bought them, each of the cuttings were no larger than a pinky.
I really like this cactus, probably even more than most of my other cacti. I’m just a really big fan of hanging plants, especially when they don’t have to be grown indoors to thrive.
This Hildewintera loves whatever you throw at it. It loves a good amount of water in summer and also to be kept completely dry in winter. It does stretch if it’s placed in less than ideal lighting and it can burn if given too much direct sun. The placement I chose for it on my balcony seems to be perfect, with direct afternoon sun and indirect light the rest of the day in summer. In winter, when the sun hangs lower in the sky, it gets (weak) direct light all day.

Hoya flowers on a rainy day

This week is going to be rainy and windy with pretty much no chance of sun. My Hoyas gave me something nice to look at, now that I can’t go outside on my walks – 2 huge flower umbels on my Hoya carnosa “krimson queen”, 3 umbels on my Hoya cumingiana and 5 on my Hoya bella. When I wake up in the morning, my living room smells like all sorts of candy mixed together.
The cumingiana and bella have both been blooming constantly for the last couple of months, developing new peduncles as the old ones fall off.

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii flowers!

The flowers on my Gymnocalycium mihanovichii look like cotton candy ? This time the cactus grew a whopping 10 flower buds and today 4 of them bloomed at the same time. I didn’t have to race home to see the flowers fully open, either, because the weather was fantastic today. Usually, this one only decides to bloom on cloudy days while I’m at work, so they start to close up much earlier in the day.

I found my macro lens

I reanimated my old iPhone 6 just to take these photos with the macro lens I bought specifically for this phone, so the quality of these images isn’t great. I just wanted to see my Hoya flowers up close. The Hoya cumingiana photo turned out pretty well, I think. They look like little shooting stars.

I set my Hoya cumingiana free

I was having problems with the round trellis for my Hoya cumingiana because the vines are too stiff to properly wrap around the metal wire. It looked like a hot mess, so I carefully removed the trellis and let all of the vines hang loose. I had no idea how long the vines were! When I stretch them out, they can reach the bottom of my window sill, hanging from the top of the window.
The plant doesn’t look like it suffered too much from being unwrapped, but it did lose a few leaves here and there. The almost naked parts of the vines is the result of a couple of spider mite infestations. Luckily, I haven’t seen any spider mites since fall.

Now it’s easier to appreciate the flowers, too!