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Astrophytum coahuilense with its first flower!

This is so cool. I’ve had this Astrophytum coahuilense for 5 years and even though I got it with what looked like a flower bud, it never bloomed for me. My cacti have all been asked to bloom during bank holidays and weekends so I’m home to see it and they usually listen to me.

Astrophytum coahuilense looks almost like an Astrophytum myriostigma, but the “fur” grows closer together and it feels fluffier. It has no spines on its furry body, but the flower bud is both fluffy and spiny. It also grows super slowly. In the 5 years I’ve had it, it has only grown a couple of cm taller. Maybe because the little hairs block most of the sunlight.

Now what I’m trying to do is cross pollinate my Astrophytum coahuilense with my A. ornatum. I have no idea if it will work, but it’s a fun experiment. I found a cotton bud and mixed the pollen from the two flowers, making sure to hit the stigma in the process. I’ll make sure to update you if it worked.

My Croton is still flowering!


It’s been two whole months and my colorful Croton is still flowering. I thought it was done after dropping the dead, sticky flowers all over my window sill, but I left the stalk instead of just cutting it off. It then grew new flower buds from that same stalk. I might just leave it indefinitely.

I like how the growth is gradually becoming more dense. I wasn’t sure if it was getting enough light because the stem seemed a bit too bare, especially near the bottom. But when it made a couple of new growth points end even more leaves, it started to look very nice and compact.

Croton flower progress

A few pictures taken over the span of a month. The Croton flower stalk is now just around 25 cm long and the little flowers are opening in little groups, following the flower stalk from the stem of the Croton to the tip of the stalk. They’re only open a day or two and then fall off as a sticky mess. This year they don’t have a strong scent. Last year they had an almost overwhelming scent, like cheap flowery perfume.

Ibervillea lindheimeri, 2 years + 5 months

My 2,5 year old Ibervillea lindheimeri just flowered for the first time ever! I thought the flower buds would be bigger when they were about to open, like they were on my Trochomeria, so I didn’t expect them to open today. And I didn’t get a good photo of the flower bud before it opened either. But it’s here! And there’s more buds on the way.

It’s much smaller and more colorful than the Trochomeria flower too. This one looks like a miniature cucumber flower. It’s only about 5 mm in diameter.

Scilla siberica

Went on a stroll in my grandma’s garden last weekend and saw these flowering Scilla siberica spread out over a large area of the garden. They were even growing in the middle of the lawn, completely isolated from the rest of the patch. Spring is definitely here!

Update on my Stapelia variegata flower

Update on the Stapelia variegata flower. It matured overnight and now smells like an old trash bag. Very lovely. I put it outside on the balcony with my other overwintering succulents just after I took these pictures.


Quick edit: My glass panels on the balcony are all closed to prevent the succs from getting cold, but it also prevents fresh air from getting in. The heat and sun must have somehow reacted with the flower. Everything out there now smells like a 7 year old rotten room temperature meatloaf. Jesus Christ.