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Update on the caudiciforms

Dioscorea elephantipes, 5 months + 2 weeks
Ibervillea lindheimeri + Trochomeria macrocarpa, 6 months

Caudiciform update yay

Dioscorea Elephantipes
Another Dioscorea Elephantipes seed germinated! I’m not sure if it germinated from the seeds I planted 6,5 months ago or the new batch (sown 2 months ago). Either way, I’m so excited! The first pic is my 5 months + 2 weeks old D. Elephantipes seedling compared to my D. Mexicana. The caudex is now around 7 mm in diameter.
I’ve been trying to keep it from going into summer dormancy by minimizing the amount of direct sunlight, but I think it’s inevitable at this point.

EDIT (June 6, 2017): Yeah, it went dormant and lost its leaf. Hoping it’s big enough to survive until it decides to wake up again.

Ibervillea Lindheimeri
The bottom left pic shows the caudexes on my 6 months old Ibervillea Lindheimeri seedlings. I’ve been showing you the odd caudex on the left, but as it turns out, the one on the right was much bigger – at least 2 cm in diameter. It won’t be long before I have to repot. There are 5 seedlings in this pot.

Trochomeria Macrocarpa
I haven’t been able to dig up any of the other caudexes without removing half of the soil from the pot. Just this little guy on the bottom right pic, who is looking rather sad with only one leaf attached to its stem.

Ibervillea lindheimeri, 2 days

I somehow managed to find seeds
from one of the coolest plants IMO (almost as cool as Dioscorea elephantipes. Did find seeds online with a new seller. Waiting to see if they germinate).

I’m a big sucker for caudiciforms,
but some are relatively hard to find as seeds and insanely
expensive as adult plants. I’ve seen Ibervillea in nurseries for the small price of $150.
Ibervillea is a succulent plant and will
develop a huge and round caudex as it grows older. It won’t be visible
above the soil line for a while, though. Let’s just see if I can keep these babies alive.

I bought 5 seeds, all of which germinated 11 days after sowing. They’re supposed to be sown around spring, but a grow light can usually be used to cheat the system if you can’t wait 3 whole months.