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It’s happening! My seed grown Euphorbia obesa is blooming!

I think I induced blooming on my 4 year old Euphorbia obesa by fixing its roots a month ago. The feeder roots had completely disappeared, so I dipped the bare tap root in rooting hormone gel. I kept watering, but left it alone without checking if the roots grew back.
I think the plant is doing well. Only a couple of weeks after the treatment, I saw little flower buds appear on the newest growth!
These are my Euphorbia obesas first ever flowers. They’re tiny and not completely developed yet. I’ll make sure to post again when the rest of the buds bloom.
You can tell from the shape of the flowers that this plant is female.

Checking the roots

I came in contact with the lady I traded Hoya cuttings with last summer and she told me, she lost 25 plants to soil mealy bugs in winter. I ended up giving her cuttings from the plants she gave me (+ more to kickstart her collection again) and she gave me more Hoyas I didn’t already have. She did give me something to think about as well. Maybe there was a reason why some of my plants grow so slowly.. so I unpotted all of the succulents that grew too slowly (in my opinion) and has been in contact with the cuttings she gave me. Time for a root check!
I didn’t find any bugs, aside from the occasional pot with springtails, but my Euphorbia obesa has something odd going on. There are no feeder roots! That’s probably why it hasn’t grown that much since last winter. It looks like a lot of the feeder roots on my Pseudolithos have died off, too. I still have some rooting hormone gel lying around from last time I propagated my Hoyas, so I’m going to use that to try and provoke new root growth. I mean, it can’t hurt that much, can it?

I included a bonus pic of my date palm. It’s growing slowly, but there’s nothing wrong with it. It just really looks like a leek now.