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Painting of a woodpecker in the forest

Yesterday I visited my local forest on a sunny day to get some much needed fresh air and sunshine. I’m lucky, I’m not in quarantine (yet) because of a certain rampant virus, so now is the time to enjoy being outdoors. (Edit: I was there alone, so don’t worry, there was no risk of spreading the virus or getting infected).
The sound of woodpeckers was everywhere. It’s been years since I last heard that sound and of course that inspired me to do another painting. This time, I only used a spatula to give it a rougher look. I think it turned out okay, even though I still need some practice.

Acrylic paint, 30×40 cm canvas.

Robin and cherry blossoms

I accidentally ordered way too much pink acrylic paint and had to think of ways to use the three tubes I received. One of the first ideas I had was to make a cute little painting of a robin in a cherry blossom tree. It worked out well, I think. Unfortunately, I still have three entire tubes of pink paint left.

Acrylic paint, 30×40 cm canvas.

Underneath the waves

I wanted to fill a blank space on my living room wall with another painting and waves were the first thing that popped up in my head after a quick nap. This painting took me roughly 2 hours to make. Even though there’s nothing really special about it, it works nicely as a conversation starter. I may need to add more detail to it later, when I have the time.
Acrylic paint, 60×50 cm canvas.

Portal 2, acrylic painting

This painting was a Christmas gift for my brother. He’s a bit of a gamer and I wanted to give him something personal for a change. He introduced me to the Portal series and I instantly fell in love with GLaDOS and the general atmosphere in the game. This is probably the game I’ve played the most on PC. I’m actually kind of proud of this one.

I’ve been painting with acrylics for a year now, and I only just learned to correctly estimate how intense the colors will be when the paint dries on the canvas. Acrylic paint (at least the brands I’ve been using) shift color and turn out way too intense when they dry out, which has been pretty frustrating. The real world doesn’t look like a Photoshop image with the saturation set to max.

Acrylic paint, 40×30 cm canvas.

Painting of the west coast in Denmark

I painted this picture as a Christmas present for my mom.
We’ve walked on this beach a lot. It’s usually very windy on the west coast, but on this particular day it wasn’t. As we walked near the water, we noticed the sky going dark very quickly and a bright crack was splitting the clouds, lighting up the water. We just stood and watched the clouds in awe for a few moments until it started raining.

Acrylic paint, 40×30 cm canvas.

Painted rock cactus

I’ve wanted to try painting rocks for quite some time now, and today was the day I got around to starting this new project. For this project I used different sized rocks (5-15 cm), acrylic paint and matte waterproof varnish. Really, all I had to do was paint whatever came to my mind on a rock, let it dry for a couple of hours and then coat the entire thing in a thin layer of transparent varnish to protect the paint. The result was this, a flower pot filled to the brim with cute little cacti that will never die on me, even in the darkest corners of my apartment. And of course a ladybug to protect my new cacti from aphids.