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Painting of a woodpecker in the forest

Yesterday I visited my local forest on a sunny day to get some much needed fresh air and sunshine. I’m lucky, I’m not in quarantine (yet) because of a certain rampant virus, so now is the time to enjoy being outdoors. (Edit: I was there alone, so don’t worry, there was no risk of spreading the virus or getting infected).
The sound of woodpeckers was everywhere. It’s been years since I last heard that sound and of course that inspired me to do another painting. This time, I only used a spatula to give it a rougher look. I think it turned out okay, even though I still need some practice.

Acrylic paint, 30×40 cm canvas.

Painting of the west coast in Denmark

I painted this picture as a Christmas present for my mom.
We’ve walked on this beach a lot. It’s usually very windy on the west coast, but on this particular day it wasn’t. As we walked near the water, we noticed the sky going dark very quickly and a bright crack was splitting the clouds, lighting up the water. We just stood and watched the clouds in awe for a few moments until it started raining.

Acrylic paint, 40×30 cm canvas.

Painting of an old window

I’m slowly getting better at drawing smaller details and textures. This time my challenge was to make everything look old and weathered, including the wood and plastered wall. It’s not easy to spot in this picture, but I used effect paste mixed with acrylics to create a 3D effect on the wall. I had a bit of a hard time with this one because even though I added the mice and spider web to create a bit of depth in the window frame, it still kind of looks like a painting on a wall.

Acrylic paint, 60×50 cm canvas.