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Lithops, 42 weeks.

My favorite bowl of young adult Lithops contains one of the most colorful varieties out there: Lithops Dorotheae ‘zorro’ (bottom right). It’s already showing the red and yellow markings, but these will really make the plant stand out from the crowd when it gets older.

EDIT (06.06.16): Yes, I did just burn the rest of the non-transformed seedlings in the sun.  Apparently even the Danish sun can be too much for young Lithops.
The ‘adult’ plants have gone dormant and are reacting badly to being watered, even the shrinking ones. I really hope they’re old enough to handle a 3 month dormancy period without a single drop of water.

Lithops, 10 months.

I found a cheapish macro lens for my phone, just in time for the Lithops seedling’s 10 month day. This little guy is the perfect test subject for my bad photography skills.

Some faint red spots are showing in the middle of the dark green area. This means he could be a green variety of L. Dorotheae. Can’t wait for the second pair of true leaves!