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My mom’s Euphorbia horrida hybrid

My mom found this beautiful Euphorbia horrida hybrid in a nursery a couple of years ago. She has a history of killing even the toughest plants (mostly underwatering), but her small cactus collection thrives. Possibly even more than my own succulents.
I found that overthinking everything about a plant’s needs isn’t necessarily a good thing. You don’t always need expensive pots and soil mixes, gadgets, fertilizers and calendars to keep a cactus alive. Just give it lots of light + very little water and it will be happy!

Monilaria moniliformis, 30 weeks.

Two of the bigger seedlings are dividing and spitting out 3 new sets of leaves instead of just one! That happened much earlier than I expected.

I managed to keep the temperature at around 5° C on my closed balcony during frosty nights by preventing draft and moving the greenhouse frame further away from the glass panels. Unless the temperature drops dramatically, they will be able to handle being outside all winter.
Luckily, the Danish winter is more wet than cold.