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The North Sea

Today has been a very stormy day and it caused a flashback from my childhood. I used to live in the countryside very near the North Sea coast dam in Denmark where the wind was howling 24/7. Today I live in a bigger city, but I do dream of going back one day when I have retired from work.

Here’s a time lapse of this drawing.

Night and succulents

It has rained a couple of times this year, but last night I had the most amazing experience – and so did my neighbours. We all stood on our balconies and watched the clouds light up and the rain fall from the sky. And I’m not making this up, but a couple of people stood outside in the rain with their arms stretched out, spinning in place and laughing.
My mom even texted me, telling me that her neighbour stood completely motionless in her garden with an umbrella, just taking it all in. It was all such a surreal experience for everyone.