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Date palms, 6 months

The date palms have been placed outside on the balcony to hopefully pick up more sunlight than they got in my hobby room. They still only get indirect sunlight because the sun is a bit too much for them, especially direct non-filtered sunlight.

None of them have grown more than the one leaf, that originally grew from the date seeds I planted, but they’re getting a tiny bit taller every day. The tallest leaf is now around 20 cm.

Date palms, 2 weeks

So two weeks in, half of the date seeds have grown a tap root and more have just started to germinate. Only 1 out of 10 seeds hasn’t shown any signs of germination.

I placed the ones with visible roots on the surface of a gritty soil mix (1:1 potting soil and grit), root down, and left the late bloomers in the bag with wet tissue paper on my radiator to finish germinating.

Growing date palms from seeds

I love dates, palm trees and growing stuff from seeds, so there really was no excuse to not try.
Here’s a collection of all blog posts from germination to the latest post about my date palms.

I bought a box of ripe organic dates (had to search hard for the ones with seeds inside of them) and removed 10 seeds. And yes, I ate way too many dates in one sitting.

Germinating the date seeds:

My plan is to soak the clean seeds in cool water for 48 hours and then place them in a wet tissue until they germinate, checking for mold a couple of times every week. I’ll keep the tissue in my warm sun room. They should germinate within a couple of weeks and develop a tap root.

I’ll plant them in soil when most of them have germinated and keep them moist until they have developed their first leaves.