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Date palms, 1 year + 4 months

This is what my date palm seedling looks like 1 year and 4 months after germination. This is the biggest of my seedlings. Right now it has 3 big leaves and a 4th is one the way.
The sun is finally showing its face, so I placed the date palms outside on the balcony to soak up the rays and heat. Hopefully they should start growing faster. And maybe, just maybe I’ll see the new leaf split.

Date palms, 6 months

The date palms have been placed outside on the balcony to hopefully pick up more sunlight than they got in my hobby room. They still only get indirect sunlight because the sun is a bit too much for them, especially direct non-filtered sunlight.

None of them have grown more than the one leaf, that originally grew from the date seeds I planted, but they’re getting a tiny bit taller every day. The tallest leaf is now around 20 cm.