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The Nepenthes cuttings

The cuttings I took from my Nepenthes ventrata two months ago are doing okay! I lost one of the three cuttings, but the rest are alive and rooting. So far none of them have shown any new leaf growth, but the stalk I took the cuttings from is now growing fresh, green side shoots and basal shoots. I’m glad the experiment hasn’t failed completely!

I took the cuttings out of the plastic bag they were in after only a couple of weeks because I saw what looked like sooty mold on some of the leaves. One of the cuttings had already shown signs of root growth, so I just stuck them back in their old pot with wet sphagnum moss.

Taking cuttings from my Nepenthes ventrata

I kept putting off propagating this beast, but I think now is the time to do so. The 50 cm long vine was pulling the pot out of my hanging planter and got stuck to everything. And the pitchers weren’t all that magnificent this year anyway.

So I cut the vine into 3 pieces, each with 4-6 nodes, and wrapped some paper around the base of the cuttings as a sort of reverse diaper to keep them moist. The water I use is reverse osmosis water with 0 ppm dissolved salts. This is what I usually use to water my carnivorous plants. Nepenthes take a long time to grow roots and I don’t expect them to do anything for the next month or so.

I successfully rooted my Hoya kerrii!

I’m so happy right now! I bought two Hoya kerrii cuttings a month ago and they grew roots just about two weeks after I placed them in a pot with moist soil. Now, 4 weeks after planting them, they’re growing their first new leaves! I added a tiny bit of slow release fertilizer with lots of nitrogen (12-2-8) to the soil to hopefully make it grow a bit faster. Right now I won’t be focusing on flowers. This Hoya is one of the extremely slow growing varieties, so it will need all of the help it can get.

Hoya jackpot

A lady from a Hoya Facebook group asked me nicely for a cutting of my Hoya pubicalyx “royal hawaiian purple” and wanted to give me a Hoya verticillata (sold as Hoya citrina) cutting in return. Of course I said yes! I had never even heard of that variety.

So today she showed up with a massive shopping bag filled with cuttings, some with roots and some without. In that bag she had four absolutely enormous citrina cuttings close to rooting (one is even flowering, and I can’t say the smell of those flowers are pleasant), a Hoya sp. Black Leaves EPC-301 with roots and a small rooted Hoya davidcumingii. This was the first time I had a good and long plant talk with someone as plant-crazy as myself. She was such a nice and generous person!

Also I definitely don’t have room for all of these plants. What in the world am I going to do?

Hoya carnosa “krimson princess” cuttings update

The little Hoya carnosa “krimson princess” cuttings are doing great. The one with small curly leaves on the left has grown 7 new leaves already! The one one the right grew one beautiful leaf. I’m glad they both survived.

I took a few cuttings from my Hoya pubicalyx “royal hawaiian purple” to fill out their planter a little more and not all of them rooted. Sometimes you just need a little luck.


Just experimenting a bit. I had to trim a couple of roots on my Ibervillea because it was trying to strangle itself. Maybe, just maybe I can propagate it this way. This cutting is rooted, so it should be possible to get it to grow like a new plant.

I’m going to update you when something new happens with this guy. Probably not if it just wilts.