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Hoya flowers on a rainy day

This week is going to be rainy and windy with pretty much no chance of sun. My Hoyas gave me something nice to look at, now that I can’t go outside on my walks – 2 huge flower umbels on my Hoya carnosa “krimson queen”, 3 umbels on my Hoya cumingiana and 5 on my Hoya bella. When I wake up in the morning, my living room smells like all sorts of candy mixed together.
The cumingiana and bella have both been blooming constantly for the last couple of months, developing new peduncles as the old ones fall off.

I found my macro lens

I reanimated my old iPhone 6 just to take these photos with the macro lens I bought specifically for this phone, so the quality of these images isn’t great. I just wanted to see my Hoya flowers up close. The Hoya cumingiana photo turned out pretty well, I think. They look like little shooting stars.

I set my Hoya cumingiana free

I was having problems with the round trellis for my Hoya cumingiana because the vines are too stiff to properly wrap around the metal wire. It looked like a hot mess, so I carefully removed the trellis and let all of the vines hang loose. I had no idea how long the vines were! When I stretch them out, they can reach the bottom of my window sill, hanging from the top of the window.
The plant doesn’t look like it suffered too much from being unwrapped, but it did lose a few leaves here and there. The almost naked parts of the vines is the result of a couple of spider mite infestations. Luckily, I haven’t seen any spider mites since fall.

Now it’s easier to appreciate the flowers, too!

Hoya cumingiana rescue

Have you ever felt sorry for a plant, feeling like it’s trapped on a trellis that’s way too small and claustrophobic, even though it’s.. just a plant? This Hoya cumingiana has outgrown its trellis way too long ago. Its vines are fairly stiff and won’t bend around the small trellis without snapping and some of the vines were half snapped around a tight corner before I bought it. I felt genuinely sorry for it. So I found this other small, round trellis in my stack of plant stuff and spent half an hour untangling the vines. I then gently attached it to the round trellis with orchid clamps. Now they’re about as free as they can be.