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Update on my 4 year old Crassula falcata

Another update on my Crassula falcata before winter sets in. This one just keeps growing! Even though the pot looks way too small, it’s actually the perfect size for these guys. Last time I repotted them, I saw the smallest root system ever, compared to other succulents at the same size.
These Crassula are no longer as compact as they used to be, even though they get as much sun as possible on my south facing balcony. I guess this is what happens to fully grown plants no matter how you treat them.

Crassula falcata (propeller plant)

This plant has become absolutely massive. Just wanted to post a size comparison with my hands to properly show the size. The sun has been a bit harsh on the leaves and some areas are slightly burned, but it’s doing very well.

I keep sending photos of this one to my grandma, who gave me one leaf from her own Crassula falcata to propagate and grow my own plant from. This was 4,5 years ago. She does not remember giving me the leaf, though, but she’s still proud and a bit jealous of my green thumbs.

Crassula falcata props going wild

It’s been 5 months since my last update on the Crassula falcata leaf propagation (again, all of these plants are siblings, propagated from one single leaf) from my grandmother’s plant. The first picture is from 5 months ago and the second pic was taken today. They really took off after the world’s hottest summer and they never sulked even once this winter. I’m a very proud plant mama.

They are now 4,5 years old.