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Variegated String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii)

Look what I found at my local grocery store. A cute little variegated String of Hearts! I had one of these (the regular green version) a while ago, but for some reason it failed to thrive. It kept blooming over and over again and spent all of its energy on that instead of growing new leaves. I hope this one doesn’t do the same. I haven’t seen a variegated String of Hearts in real life until today.

Last night I repotted my Ceropegia Woodii

Last night I repotted my Ceropegia Woodii because the leaves were getting smaller and a bit elongated, meaning that my soil was probably too rich. When I got it two years ago I didn’t know it was a succulent. After removing all dirt from the pot, I realized that Ceropegia aren’t just succulents, but also caudiciforms – and 17 fairly big bulbs were filling out the entire 10 cm pot. Oops.

Had to prune off the vines while repotting, but hopefully they will be back soon, stronger than ever.