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Dioscorea elephantipes, 1 day

– aka the coolest caudiciform I’ve seen.

We’ve got germination! It took 39 days for the first seedling to show up, but I’m so glad the seeds didn’t turn out to be duds. So far 1 out of 12 seeds germinated.

They were all sown 1 cm below the surface of the soil (a random mix of aquarium sand, cat litter, pumice, leca, lava rock, zeolite and a tiny bit of peat) and covered with a plastic bag to ensure high humidity. They’re placed under a grow light set to 11 hours with temperatures reaching 25-30° C.

Ibervillea lindheimeri, 2 days

I somehow managed to find seeds
from one of the coolest plants IMO (almost as cool as Dioscorea elephantipes. Did find seeds online with a new seller. Waiting to see if they germinate).

I’m a big sucker for caudiciforms,
but some are relatively hard to find as seeds and insanely
expensive as adult plants. I’ve seen Ibervillea in nurseries for the small price of $150.
Ibervillea is a succulent plant and will
develop a huge and round caudex as it grows older. It won’t be visible
above the soil line for a while, though. Let’s just see if I can keep these babies alive.

I bought 5 seeds, all of which germinated 11 days after sowing. They’re supposed to be sown around spring, but a grow light can usually be used to cheat the system if you can’t wait 3 whole months.