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The caudiciforms

Ibervillea lindheimeri, 1 year + 9 months

Trochomeria macrocarpa, 1 year + 9 months

Dioscorea elephantipes, 1 year + 7 months

All of my outdoor caudiciforms have now lost all of their leaves and gone dormant. I really want to keep them outside over winter and they should be able to handle it, but in the back of my mind I just know I’m going to bring them indoors when it gets colder.

Dioscorea elephantipes, 2 months + 1 week

165 days after sowing and still only 1 out of 12 seeds germinated. This little 2 months old seedling has developed a caudex the size of a pea already.

I decided to change my germination method, hopefully to speed up the process a bit. I dug out all of the seeds I could find (found 4, but one went down the drain when I cleaned them over the sink..) and went for the “wet tissue in a plastic bag” method.

EDIT (April 10 – 2017): Received 3 additional packets with 18 D. Elephantipes seeds and placed 6 of the new seeds in the wet tissue today.

Dioscorea elephantipes, 1 day

– aka the coolest caudiciform I’ve seen.

We’ve got germination! It took 39 days for the first seedling to show up, but I’m so glad the seeds didn’t turn out to be duds. So far 1 out of 12 seeds germinated.

They were all sown 1 cm below the surface of the soil (a random mix of aquarium sand, cat litter, pumice, leca, lava rock, zeolite and a tiny bit of peat) and covered with a plastic bag to ensure high humidity. They’re placed under a grow light set to 11 hours with temperatures reaching 25-30° C.