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My Caladium drama queen

This is how my Caladium hybrid looks when I return home from work and I forgot to give it a morning drink. The first image is basically a Caladium in ultra thirsty drama queen mode. Luckily, it returns to happy very quickly after I water it. The two pictures were taken only an hour apart.

This plant really thrives on my living room table. It looks so different from when I bought it in July! For some reason it hasn’t gone dormant yet. I don’t think it’s cold and dark enough indoors, so I might have to place it on the balcony in winter to make sure it sprouts again in spring.

Plant haul

I was just looking for a small, hanging Monstera adansonii, but ended up with three gorgeous plants. From left to right: a hybrid Caladium bicolor, Monstera adansonii ‘Monkey Mask’ and a Hoya ‘Lisa’.
At least I found what I was looking for, right?
I’ve never grown Caladium before, so this will be a bit of a challenge. Caladium bulbs send out these colorful leaves every spring and summer and die off in fall. Then you never know if you killed it or if the bulb just went dormant. When repotting this plant, I found multiple bulbs in the soil. I’ve seen one bulb sold for DKK 300 ($40) in several stores and online. I bought 4 bulbs for DKK 70 ($9), so this rainy day just got a lot more colorful!