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Hildewintera colademononis and Selenicereus validus

So of course I bought a new plant again. And it’s a whopper, too. The first cactus in the new wall planter (bought the planter today as well) is my old Hildewintera colademonosis and the second one is my new Selenicereus validus. I thought these would go great together on my balcony, since they’re both hanging cacti and need similar care.
The flowers on Selenicereus are huge and spectacular and I can’t wait to see them. It blooms at night, which means I will be home to witness it, even though the flowers only last for a couple of hours.

Painted rock cactus

I’ve wanted to try painting rocks for quite some time now, and today was the day I got around to starting this new project. For this project I used different sized rocks (5-15 cm), acrylic paint and matte waterproof varnish. Really, all I had to do was paint whatever came to my mind on a rock, let it dry for a couple of hours and then coat the entire thing in a thin layer of transparent varnish to protect the paint. The result was this, a flower pot filled to the brim with cute little cacti that will never die on me, even in the darkest corners of my apartment. And of course a ladybug to protect my new cacti from aphids.

Cactus heaven

A couple of seed grown spiky guys (unidentified cactus seedlings and Mammillaria plumosa) and a long boy (Mammillaria spinosissima) are loving the first sunny day we’ve had for almost two months. I think the Mammillaria plumosa is developing flower buds, too. It’s apparently a super late bloomer.

The Mammillaria plumosa is now barely 3 years old and the three smaller cactus seedlings are now exactly 2 years old. I just took the picture of my Mammillaria spinosissima because I wanted to show you that it hasn’t gotten prettier, but it’s now very long.

Astrophytum myriostigma, 3 years + 9 months

While repotting these three babies, I realized how massive they have become. It really took them a while to start growing, but now I’m not so worried about them.
These were actually my first ever attempt at growing cacti from seeds. And it didn’t go well. Most of the seeds germinated and I ended up with just about 50 seedlings, but all but these three died from damping off. This is apparently a common problem with Astrophytum seedlings, especially Astrophytum myriostigma.

But look at my three remaining plants now!

Hildewintera colademononis

I just crafted myself a hanging planter for my Hildewintera colademononis to hang it on my balcony wall. It grows at lightning speed right now and the floppy stems were a bit of a hassle to deal with. Hildewintera are cold hardy and will do well out there on my frost protected balcony. Usually cacti have an easier time blooming in spring if they’re subjected to cold (not freezing, though) and are allowed to go dormant in winter.