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Mammillaria plumosa, 2 years + 6 months

The ball of fluff is growing even more fluff balls. Some of the fluff has been stained slightly last time I fertilized, but it will probably grow out of it soon. All of my Mammillaria cactus have proven to grow much, much faster than all of my other cacti. It’s so satisfying to watch your seed grown cacti just fill one pot after another. I’ve had to repot this one 3 times because new pups shoot out from the base of the mother plant pretty much constantly.

Echinocereus pacificus, 1 year + 7 months

I finally found a possible ID for my seed grown cacti. It may or may not be Echinocereus pacificus. A fast growing, hardy cactus with medium long spines and sometimes in hard sunlight the top spines will turn pink or brown. If you get poked, the spines will lodge themselves deep into your skin and break off. And yes, it’s happened more times than I can count, especially during a repot.

I looked up the flowers and now I really hope this ID is correct. If it is, they should be able to flower already!

Repotting day!

It’s repotting day for my cactus seedlings, Gymnocalycium mihanovichii and Sulcorebutia rauschii. My cactus seedlings and the Sulcorebutia should have been repotted a long time ago, even though they seem to be thriving in their way too small pots.

I chose to keep the three biggest cactus seedlings and send the rest off towards someone who might want to adopt them. All of them have been potted in pure Diatomaceous earth cat litter with no potting soil. That way, they’re easy to repot next time, and there’s very little reason to worry about root rot and overwatering.

Just gotta say.. when you mess with spiny cacti, remember to wear gloves or use a tong. Not just your hands. Let’s just say it’s very difficult and painful to remove broken cactus spines from the soft skin under your nails.

Cactus babies

My fluffy Mammillaria plumosa cv. Roseiflora (2 years and 3 months old) and unknown cactus seedlings (1 year + 4 months old) are enjoying each other’s company in the sun. The unknown cactus seedlings on the right have grown bigger than all of my much older cactus seedlings and probably need to be repotted soon.