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Monilaria moniliformis, 10 months

It’s always fun to watch the odd ones grow in an otherwise normal batch. Apparently Monilaria seedlings can be pretty unpredictable.

Top left pic shows a scary looking seedling with 5 new branches (counted the leaf pairs. Could also be monstrose growth) in a tangled mess. The “fingers” aren’t actually straightening out, so it will look like a green, misshapen hand for a while.

Top right pic shows a seedling with 3 branches. The tiny one in the front is wearing a crown made of webbed leaves. I hope it continues to grow that way.

Monilaria moniliformis, 30 weeks.

Two of the bigger seedlings are dividing and spitting out 3 new sets of leaves instead of just one! That happened much earlier than I expected.

I managed to keep the temperature at around 5° C on my closed balcony during frosty nights by preventing draft and moving the greenhouse frame further away from the glass panels. Unless the temperature drops dramatically, they will be able to handle being outside all winter.
Luckily, the Danish winter is more wet than cold.