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Adenium obesum, 6 weeks old

My Adenium seedlings have so many leaves now! They started to grow really fast when I put them in my window with strong sunlight. They seem to be able to handle the sun and heat, even though they’re still pretty young.
I’m currently keeping the “soil“ lightly moist at all times. I’ve fertilized once already, using a weak slow release fertilizer for young plants.

Adenium obesum, 5 weeks old

Not all of my Adenium obesum seedlings look as great as this one seedling, but overall I’m happy with my little batch. 6 of 10 seeds have germinated, 2 seeds rotted away and the two remaining seeds just haven’t done anything at all. But 6 is more than enough for me to work with.
Most of them have grown two sets of leaves so far, and one is even growing its third set already.

Adenium obesum, 2 weeks old

The Adenium obesum seedlings are now 2 weeks old. 6 seedlings have sprouted so far. Two of the seeds ended up having some sort of mold on them and unfortunately they died off before they germinated.

I have now moved them from the grow lights to my south facing window to avoid any etiolation. I want fat little seedlings, not lanky ones.

Adenium obesum germination

The Adenium obesum “double flower hybrid” have started to germinate, too! Things are taking their time in my little mini greenhouse. Only one seedling has popped up so far, 1,5 weeks after the seeds were sown.
But look how adorable it is! I think I accidentally made it look a bit wonky by planting the seed vertically instead of horizontally. The roots came out the top of the seed and it had to turn 180 degrees to reach the soil, which resulted in a bent stem. It’s currently correcting itself by growing towards the grow lights.

New year, new seeds

Guys, look what I’ve got. I still have my grow lights from a couple of years ago and decided to buy 4 packets of seeds from Koehres Kaktus. This time I bought Adenium obesum double flower hybrid, Stephania yunnanensis, Pseudolithos cubiformis and Pseudolithos migiurtinus seeds. All of them (except 3 of the Adenium and half of the Stephania seeds) were sown today. Hopefully they all germinate. Pseudolithos seeds are expensive!
I better mention that my adult Pseudolithos cubiformis is perfectly fine. I just want even more of this odd frog-like cube plant.

Finally repotting my Adenium

It’s apparently impossible to find low, wide pots where I live, but I wanted to repot my Adenium because its old pot was a bit too small. The roots were mashed up against the sides and the bottom of the one it was previously in. I ended up just potting it in a regular 20 cm terra-cotta pot. Now it shouldn’t dry out as quickly either. I had to water this one every other day.

Adenium arabicum the day I bought it and now

I’ve shown the first picture before, but I just wanted to show you exactly how much my Adenium arabicum has grown since I bought it 3,5 years ago. It looks completely different with its tall branches and fat body. It has yet to flower for me, but right now it’s outdoors both day and night. That should help with the needed light and warmth. Maybe I’ll have to find a bigger pot to hopefully allow for more growth, too.

Adenium arabicum cv. “korok”

Hestu the Korok here is enjoying his first sunny day outside to catch some sun rays. He’s put on a few pounds since early spring when his leaves grew back. I still have to bring it inside when it gets cloudy and keep him indoors at night. If it experiences temperates below 15 degrees C for too long, it will most likely lose its leaves again and go dormant.