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Finally repotting my Adenium

It’s apparently impossible to find low, wide pots where I live, but I wanted to repot my Adenium because its old pot was a bit too small. The roots were mashed up against the sides and the bottom of the one it was previously in. I ended up just potting it in a regular 20 cm terra-cotta pot. Now it shouldn’t dry out as quickly either. I had to water this one every other day.

Adenium arabicum the day I bought it and now

I’ve shown the first picture before, but I just wanted to show you exactly how much my Adenium arabicum has grown since I bought it 3,5 years ago. It looks completely different with its tall branches and fat body. It has yet to flower for me, but right now it’s outdoors both day and night. That should help with the needed light and warmth. Maybe I’ll have to find a bigger pot to hopefully allow for more growth, too.

Adenium arabicum cv. “korok”

Hestu the Korok here is enjoying his first sunny day outside to catch some sun rays. He’s put on a few pounds since early spring when his leaves grew back. I still have to bring it inside when it gets cloudy and keep him indoors at night. If it experiences temperates below 15 degrees C for too long, it will most likely lose its leaves again and go dormant.