Summer holiday has started!

It’s been exactly a week since my summer holiday started and I’m finally starting to relax. It’s funny how that works. I just spent the whole first week of my holiday working full time, just in a different office than the one I usually work in, doing what I love, but also exhausting myself just a tiny bit more than I usually do.

I’ve now started to make plans for what to do with my living room, buying things for my plants and for myself, so I can create a home, not just a bed to lie on when I’m not working. And of course I’ll now have time to properly care for (read: constantly look at and take pictures of) my plants!

In this picture: Hoya pubicalyx, Hoya compacta, Hoya obovata variegata, Hoya krimson princess and a Peperomia “hope”.

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